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New Year New Beginnings 

Open the fizz and let the celebrations begin

Congratulations, you’re engaged!

Open the Fizz and Let The Celebrations Begin


Your mind is buzzing, but don’t get stressed as I am here to help and give you the advice you need.

Take very small steps so you can fully enjoy the early days before you think about walking down the aisle with your beloved partner.

Before you do anything, enjoy this time together as it’s the most exciting time of your lives, celebrate with your family and close friends.  Take a few weeks to let everything sink in, just daydream and enjoy what the day means to you.

When you are both ready and calmed down, then it’s time to talk to each other about what your priorities are for the wedding.  Before you set any plans into motion consider what sort of wedding you would like (intimate, formal, relaxed or lavish), the list is endless, there are so many options. Think about what season best suits the vision you have, and of course your working schedules.

Lists – Write down a list of locations and venues that you could envision your wedding at and see how your lists match up together as well as individually.

Family – Once you have a few ideas, and how you want your wedding to look and feel like, ask family and close friends and they will always give you a honest answer. I always feel it is very good to have advice and the input of people close to you, even if you decide against it, ‘family advice is always good’.

Venue – Once you choose the venue, its time you spread the good news and celebrate the build up to your wedding day…

Happy Planning!

Wedding & Events Director

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