Food For The Soul..

Presentation Perfection

Presentation Perfection 

Food is such an important part of a wedding, and can often get overlooked during the planning.

As a wedding planner, I am asked frequently “What is the Wedding Breakfast?” – Your wedding breakfast is the first meal you will have as a married couple so it should be perfection!

Here at The Lodge, we pride ourselves in bringing the best possible local produce to your wedding table..

Our head chef has worked in a wealth of high end restaurants in the UK and throughout Europe, and uses his past experiences to push the boundaries beyond expectations.  He creates outstanding dishes for every event at The Lodge.

Our menus reflects the great variety of the West of Scotland’s natural larder from land and sea with exceptional quality at all times.From canapés to our Scottish cheese slate, we understand the importance of catering for everyone’s dietary requirements so you can rest assured that every one of your guests will be looked after by our chef.

I’ve served over 1,000 meals at The Lodge and one of my top tips would be to please refrain from moving around during dinner service. This will ensure the wedding meal will run smoothly, and consistently with no meals going cold during smoking breaks!

If you are having your speeches before dinner, a good idea is to feed the children early to prevent unhappy, hungry children which can disrupt your speeches.

Good food and good company are two of life’s greatest pleasures..

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